A Neurosurgeon in Sendai, Japan  Toshiki ENDO

脳神経外科・脊髄外科 遠藤俊毅

Welcome to the homepage of Toshiki Endo, a neurosurgeon and spinal surgeon.


Brain and spinal surgeries are significant life events. We make it a priority to thoroughly discuss the treatment plan, including surgery, with the patient and their family.


In surgery, we aim to preserve neural function while maximizing the removal of pathological lesions. To achieve this, we perform neurosurgical and spinal surgeries using extensive neuro-monitoring.

We try to provide best neurosurgical care in                                                                                  Tohoku Medical and Pharmaceutical  University Hospital !


I have learned Neurosurgery and patient care at Department of Neurosurgery at Tohoku University since 1999. 


At the Department of Neurosurgery at Tohoku Medical and Pharmaceutical University, we are working diligently every day to perform surgical treatments that aim to achieve a balance between the removal (treatment) of pathological lesions and the preservation of neural function, utilizing 'intraoperative monitoring' extensively.

 In conducting my medical practice, I am supported by many staff members at Tohoku Medical and Pharmaceutical University Hospital. I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude.

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